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October 24 2017

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The Pallas Cat.  

(via mbibi)

October 22 2017

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thats it, thats the comic


Pretty much.

This is the Hellblazer equivalent of that Transformers panel that just says “Cybertron, months ago


Ah yes. I look forward to this episode of the Constantine animated series, titled “Dammit, John fucked things up again.”

And Chaz is just chuckling to himself as John drunkenly bumbles his way through a spell to undo the thing that he caused with a different spell.

Also, headcanon that Rupert “Ripper” Giles is an old friend of John’s, and John gave him the nickname Ripper. And that Ripper was a member of Mucus Membrane.


I can absolutely imagine young! John Constantine hanging out with Angry Punk Teenager Giles and Slightly Less Evil Young Ethan Rayne

The timelines make sense, too! John and Giles would be about the same age around the start of BTVS.

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I’m no hero. I’m no wonder and I never could be. But I’ll shoulder it. I’m not done.

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the legends set, which is made from a $5 cardboard and bubblegum budget

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there’s always time to be Petty™


I really really hope that next episode, the Legends get to fix a problem without making it like eight times worse through stupidity or negligence.

This might be surprising, but I WANT Rip and the Time Bureau to be wrong about the team.  I think the Time Bureau are good guys.  I like what Rip is doing with them.  But I think there’s room for the Legends to be Legends in this context.

But I really need them to actually prove the Time Bureau wrong, just once.

Right now, the missions have followed the same formula:

The Legends have a very simple mission.  The Legends make it worse.  Ava sneers at them.  Ava makes some contrived stupid mistake so Sara and Company can save her.  The Legends solve the problem.

And okay, I can accept the idea that the Legends’ sledgehammer approach is helpful when it comes to the really big crises that the Bureau folks don’t know how to handle.

The problem is that thus far, the only really big crises we’ve encountered are ones caused by the Legends fucking up a much smaller one. One that the Time Bureau COULD handle.

So, just once, I’d like the Legends to find a problem that’s ALREADY a huge crisis, and already too much for anyone to handle sanely.  Then I will feel like the show has justified their presence in the timeline.

Because honestly, at this point, I don’t care who “stole” the Waverider, or who “owns” it.  (I don’t see Gideon and the Waverider as being the same entity, but I think that Gideon has as much an ownership interest as Rip does.  And therefore, the Legends are using the ship with her permission, even if they didn’t have Rip’s.)

I care about the idea that these characters are apparently suddenly unable to do ANYTHING without causing a major catastrophe within the timeline.

At this point, it’s like watching someone fire a gun wildly into a crowd.  Sure, they may have legal possession of the gun, but they’re putting countless lives at risk.

I still love the Legends, but I need the show to give me ONE reason that I should want them to continue roaming around the timeline.  Just one.  Please.

I grew to like Nate/Amaya and I’m a bit sad they’re broken up, but after seeing a post mentioning it I remembered that they were kinda forced when they first got together. It didn’t overly bother me at the time because it was so much less badly written than the garbage fire that was Ray/Kendra.

I hope however their relationship goes there’s no more overly dramatic conflict like in 3x02.

Amaya did a douchey thing and Nate has a right to be angry but damn. He went too far, especially with that ‘let herself go’ comment. That was disgusting and really pissed me off. It’s his first major transgression so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was just one crappy bit of writing and hope he doesn’t act like that again.

Speaking of relationships, I hope Sara gets a serious love interest soon, so long as it’s not Agent whatsherface. I wouldn’t mind if Sara hooks up with her, but I wouldn’t want them to date. Too much conflict, it would probably be annoying.

Regarding the plot, everybody acted like a complete idiot but I’ve grown used to that being the defining trait of Legends of Tomorrow and I’ve reached a state of apathy towards it. Complaining about characters behaving stupidly and fucking everything up seems quite pointless when that seems to be the foundation of the show.


Am I the only person who HATES opening voiceovers with a passion?

TV: “I have come home with only one goal - to save my city.”
Me: Catchy.

TV: “To the world I’m an ordinary forensic scientist…”
Me: Not something you’d say every day…

TV: “In secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the D.E.O. to protect my city from alien life…”
Me: …I swear, I really am a fan of this show…

TV: “[Summary of 63 really intense things Barry did this season]”
Me: OK none of this is helping me suspend my disbelief.


Upon rewatching Arrow I remember why I used to ship Olicity, I can’t deny they have chemistry and their story at the beginning is sweet

My problem isn’t Olicity, it’s what the writers did to Arrow when they made Olicity happen

That became the main story, not vigilantes or superheroes, not good vs evil, the story became Olicity instead of about Green Arrow

And instead of Black Canary

I’m not saying he had to be while Laurel, while their relationship in the comics is epic it didn’t transition to the screen which I’ve come to terms with

But that doesn’t mean that Black Canary isn’t 100% necessary to the Green Arrow’s story, as her own hero and not as a side kick

She was never meant to be a side kick and the fact that even Black Canary #2 is still a side kick and not her own hero, pisses me off

Her character, one of my heroes, became sidelined for a love story that wasn’t evenly written with the rest of the story

Diggle better be OK. His injury makes no sense (I’m pretty sure that nerve damage from shrapnel can’t be degenerative) so I’m hoping there’ll be a fantasy-world cure for it.

It sucks that Anatoly has turned on Oliver, he’s one of the few characters I still liked because he’s been there since before the writing turned to shit.


lol Arrow’s so boring and forgettable now I can barely even remember anything else that happened two days later. I’m going to assume nothing overly infuriating happened or I’d remember it.




so i get where iris is coming from and how traumatic this must have been for her but this SO selfish of her to say. Barry did not have a choice. And it’s not like they had another solution or even time to think about one ! It was Barry’s life against the whole city’s. And Barry is so selfless and heroic in nature, so OF COURSE he sacrificed himself. And Iris knows this. Iris knew how Barry was. She knows how Barr is and she knew that with him being the Flash, there was a risk of something like that happening.

I hate to play devil advocate, but they were in therapy. That is the ideal place to say something like that. She said it in a safe controlled space to show Barry how she was feeling. I don’t think it’s guilt tripping to say, “I get what you had to do, but this is how it made me feel.” Therapy is the place where you say selfish things. It’s supposed to be somewhere that you express yourself and get everything out. And, Iris has already lost one fiancé, she has watched Barry die so many times after he got struck by lighting, and she just missed her death. I completely understand where she was coming from.

I get where she was coming from. I get seeing the love of you life disappearing like that is a traumatic event. I get spending 6 months without them, without knowing if they’re alive or dead must be awful. I get having to tell everyone you know your fiance left and having to lie about it must be soul crushing.

And I would have been okay if she said “I understand. I know you had to do this but this was a traumatic event for me and we have to talk about it.” I would have understood and supported her. But that’s not what she said. “How could you leave me ?! You left me, Barry. You just left me ! Standing there alone.” That’s what she said. Word for word. She is blaming him for saving her, everyone she loves and the whole city. She is actually blaming him for being himself, for being a hero. She’s blaming him for the responsibilities he has. SHE IS BLAMING HIM. It wasn’t his fault. It’s not like he had a choice or anything. And it’s not like he wanted to or it wasn’t traumatizing for him ! But not once in the episode does she acknowledges his pain or fears. Not once.

And the guilt-tripping wasn’t even there, it was later on. In S.T.A.R. Labs. And when Barr tries to explain how traumatic this has been for him, how he never wanted to leave her and how terrified he was of not being brave enough to do the right thing but it was about more than him or her and it was about everyone they loved and the whole city, she dismisses it, not even acknowledging his trauma and goes right back to making it about herself, about how he should have asked her (cause yeah they totally had enough time for that).

And then, as if it wasn’t enough, she says the worst thing. “You are not the Flash, Barry. We are.” I can not even begin to explain how angry that made me. Barry Barry is selfless, and pure hearted and has always wished to help others. And when he gained his powers, when he finally became able to help people and make a difference, he was SO happy. We saw him grow and blossom as the Flash. It became what he is, it became the most important part of his identity. And in one simple sentence, she just? steals that ? Being The Flash, saving people, being a superhero, it’s what makes Barry, well Barry. It’s what makes him who he is, it’s what allows him to be happy and live on despite his traumas. It’s what he builds his whole life around and it is not for her to steal or appropriate. Yes, she is a crucial member of Team Flash, but she is not THE Flash. That is Barry and by saying that she stole such a huge part of his identify and that WAS not okay.

I love Iris. I really do. But I hated her this episode. She guilt-tripped Barr about something he had no choice in and probably traumatized him more then he’s willing to say, dismissed his fears and traumas, was selfish and self-centric and stole Barry’s identity.

Her writing was bad this episode and so was WestAllen’s.


Thoughts on The Flash Season 4 based on the first two episodes

So far, it’s mixed feelings overall and here’s why:



* On that note, still waiting for the Wells of the season… looking forward to Tom C’s return, that man is a legend

* I know a lot of people don’t like the way Iris’ character is developing but I actually do! She’s been such a generic, and let’s face it, useless nice girl for the last 3 seasons. But now she’s finally putting her own needs first and not taking any crap and showing some agency! Despite what I earlier predicted, I find her to be a good leader for the team, and it’s because, for a leader, they don’t necessarily need someone with heaps of science know-how, because they have enough of that already; they just need someone to keep them organised and motivated and with high morale, and Iris, as has been proven before, can do that. I have mixed feelings about accusing Barry of “leaving her” though… I can see why she’s upset about it all but wtf was Barry SUPPOSED to fuckin’ do, let the bloody world implode?! Plus letting herself get kidnapped to bring Barry back to his senses was D U M B, what if it hadn’t worked? Could they not have just lied to Barry and said she was in trouble when she wasn’t?


* Cisco is a pure and beautiful soul, yes he has flaws and yes these flaws were particularly evident during s3, but now he’s got his mojo back and I’m loving his recovered sense of humour. “Ooh I feel violated” after Caitlin bumped him out of the way? CLASSIC

* Wally and Joe better be getting more screentime in upcoming episodes, and also Cecile… also why was Joe telling Cecile he loved her important enough to include in the “last season on The Flash” bit? On another note , Wally is sexy af rn and Joe being the Only Sane Man has made me like him more… Tbh I kinda hated him in S1-2 and on and off in s3 (Now THAT is all for another post, another day)

* I tried adding my thoughts on Caitlin to this post but honestly I have so many that I need to put them in a new post

* Gypsy… I’m not really sure how I feel about her, or her relationship with Cisco at this point. She seems cool and the actors have GREAT on screen chemistry but we still haven’t seen that much of the character nor the relationship yet



The writers said the couple’s therapy was going to lead to a deepening of WestAllen’s relationship, and I agree, if we’re talking about deepening the abusiveness of it. I swear, if the roles were reversed, if Iris was a man and Barry a woman, everyone would be calling this ship out for the toxic, abusive relationship it is. She forced him to go to couple’s therapy when you could tell by his body language and expressions that he wanted to be anywhere else. Even the therapist pointed it out. The entire session was about how Barry doesn’t communicate well enough to Iris, even though Iris is the one who scheduled them an appointment without asking him. She asked him after the fact, talked him into it even when he really didn’t seem like he wanted to, and then was like, “Great, we have an appointment in thirty minutes.” Trust me when I say Barry did not look happy. Then she accused him of “leaving her standing there alone” when he had to go into the speed force or else the world would end and was in there for an eternity of complete isolation. It’s a miracle that he got his mind back in the first episode rather than remain with dementia, as that’s what Caitlin said was probably responsible for what was happening to him. And Iris thinks she has a right to whine about how hard things were for her when he went through that? And she does it right in front of the therapist. Barry can’t say what happened or what he went through in front of the therapist without exposing himself as the Flash. He just has to sit there and take Iris’s hatred and yelling and complaints as she accuses him of “leaving her” like he’s some monster. The hurt, shocked, sad look on his face broke my heart. How do some people not realize just how horribly abusive the WestAllen relationship is? How do the stans of the pairing call it healthy? It’s one of the worst pairings I’ve ever seen! It’s right up there with CaitlinXZoom when it comes to abusive and toxic. And let’s not forget how Iris says, “You are not the Flash, Barry. We are.” She’s trying to take credit for the things he does and take over his life. How do you think people would react if Mon-El ever said to Kara, “You are not Supergirl. We are.” People would scream misogyny and claim it’s anti-feminist and that Mon-El is abusive and sexist. (Instead we have Mon-El in an apron cooking breakfast while Kara brings him flowers, completely breaking gender roles and stereotypes. I really don’t understand the Karamel hate, personally, but that’s off topic). So, why does Iris get away with saying “we are the Flash” just because she’s a woman? (I am a fellow woman asking this question, so no one better come along and scream misogyny at me. You can’t even try to make that argument work).  I don’t see Iris out there in the field getting her bones broken, getting stabbed, getting thrown around, and beaten. I don’t see the Reverse Flash running back in time and attempting to kill her and killing her mother and her father getting arrested for the crime. I don’t see Zoom phasing a hand into her father’s chest to make her “just like him”. I don’t see a future version of her wanting to destroy her life. I don’t see the speed force forcing her to enter it when she’s only in her twenties, essentially giving up her life to save the world. I don’t see the Thinker going to extremes to get her out of the speed force for whatever sick reason he wants The Flash. No, those things happened to Barry, because of his life as the Flash. Why is it that Iris is trying to reap the benefits of being the Flash when she has suffered none of the consequences?

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The whole acting industry summed up by one casting call… 

The whole world

Iris and Kara can be Sad


Iris’s fiance basically died again at the end of S3. Iris is a smart lady, I’m sure that intellectually she knows that Barry had to leave. That does not make her feelings of grief and abandonment at his leaving any less real. They are a couple and Barry should know her emotional state. Idk if it’s some sort of internalized misogyny that makes you think that Iris has to keep her messy and complicated emotions bottled up as to not inconvenience her fiance. That’s something a 50′s housewife would do.

Kara’s first serious boyfriend and one of her only connections to her home planet was lost at the end of S2. Not only did she lose him, she was the one to send him away. She thought that she had KILLED another person, and not just anyone, someone she was falling in love with. Kara is terrified of hurting other people, her whole persona revolves around her wish to help people. Mon El’s loss stirred up the feelings of grief at the loss of her home planet. Losing him was one death too many. Something like that is bound to take a toll on someone who has already lost so much in her life.

The common thread I have seen in the criticisms of both of these characters is that they are being selfish. They are sad and grieving. They don’t need to be strong and perky, both women didn’t crumble at these losses, but they both did retreat from emotional intimacy with other people. And yes, their grief is related to a man, and why is that a bad thing? To them, the men they loved died. It’s completely normal to be depressed and closed off following that kind of trauma.

Iris and Kara don’t need to stifle their feelings. They can be sad and angry(within reason) at other people for trying to make them “get over it” at their schedule. I get it, their feelings aren’t convenient for the people around them, but they don’t need to be. Loss isn’t convenient, it changes people and perpetuating the idea that someone needs to be totally okay and back to themselves at a set date is nonsensical.

Other, more informal, slightly mean thoughts- It’s just annoying that people think that Kara being sad abt MonEl makes her weak. It is SOOO human to not want to deal with your emotions and just putting things on the back burner. And from what I can tell Kara never dealt with the loss of her family and home properly either. Did she ever see a therapist? Probably not. No wonder all of this is coming out now.

I kinda feel like people who think Iris is being selfish, don’t have complicated thoughts or feelings themselves, that’s why they can’t comprehend Iris feeling the way she does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also I think people are being purposefully dense bc they don’t like Iris and Mon El. It’s a little obvious.


I am quite convinced that Iris West is a narcissist. After all, she makes everything about herself and nothing is important until it affects her. Other people’s suffering be damned. Unless it in some way affects her and her life, she really doesn’t care. She doesn’t think about how someone else will feel if she does something, hell, she doesn’t even notice when she’s hurting people. Like when she left Barry lying in pain in STAR Labs after being stabbed by Savitar and vindictively revealing she called off the engagement by slowly dragging her hand along his arm. Like when she talked to Caitlin about “destiny” when Cait was recovering from being kidnapped by Zoom and had PTSD hallucinations. Like when she tried to pressure Barry into a relationship after his father died. Like when she told Barry he “left her standing there alone” when he had no choice and was in isolation for ten thousand years. Who was alone, again? Because it doesn’t sound like it was Iris. Iris West has to be a narcissist; there is no other way to explain her very self-centered behavior. It goes beyond one or two selfish choices that she makes in a moment of being an imperfect, flawed person like anyone else. Her selfishness is too consistent for that and she never seems to feel bad about it afterwards. 

Have to say I agree after 4x02. I’ve never liked Iris, and I did notice a pattern of selfishness, but I always kept trying to give her the benefit of the doubt/hoping the writers would start writing her better. She was written a bit better in season 2 and 3 than the trainwreck she was in season one, but now she’s gone downhill again.

‘Emotions aren’t rational’ seems to be the defense for that scene. And yes, sure, I could accept that a irrationally emotional selfish little part of her resented Barry for leaving even though she rationally knows he had no choice. If that’s how the scene had been played. But it wasn’t. She straight up yelled at him and tried to guilt trip him about something he did to save her own brother. In front of a stranger so he couldn’t even respond.

I would have been fine with Iris’ behaviour in that scene if she had acknowledged that it’s selfish and cruel for her to be mad at Barry, and entirely her own problem to work past. Instead she tried to make him feel guilty and somehow he was the one who had to apologise!

Is she going to be mad at him every time he puts himself in danger? Because if she is, she shouldn’t be dating a superhero.


Imagine being mad at Iris for loving Barry so much that his absence hurt her.

How exactly does that give her any right to guilt trip him over something he did to save her brother? Or act as if she was the only one hurt when he literally spent thousands of years literally being tortured?

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