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August 29 2017


I think we reached a point were it’s simply ridiculous how long Cersei managed to stay alive

Game of Thrones Logic


GOT Writers: Let’s make the characters teleport within minutes to different locations that are in a completely opposite direction. 

Also GOT Writers: Cersei Lannister’s free dungeon haircut by the hands of a psycho cult with a bell-ringing nun remains ungrown for a full season. 

Sansa and Arya finally having a scene where both sisters acknowledge each other's strength and struggles throughout the years and promising to protect each other like Ned would have wanted



Not gonna give the writers any credit for this, that entire storyline was bullshit.

Something that gives me great pain is that Cersei can only die once.

I want Jaime to strangle her, I want Dany to set her on fire and/or feed her to her dragons, I want Tyrion to strangle her, I want Arya to stab her repeatedly in the face, I want her to get ripped apart by White Walkers. 

It’s so upsetting that some people are gonna miss out on killing her. It’s too bad the whole cast can’t get together and Murder on the Orient Express her.

GoT Spoilers: The Dragon And The Wolf


• I don’t know whether Tormund is alive or not
• Ice Dragon Viserion brought the fuckn wall down
• Also, the way Viserion moves is creepy as hell
• Cersei….. ugh…. Cersei
• When book!Aegon meets Jon is this shit gonna be awkward or what
• Euron. You a bitch.

• Pod and Tyrion reunion!!!
• Jaime and Brienne reunion!!!
• The closest thing we’ve gotten to Cleganebowl!!!
• Dany was being so dramatic, i love it
• We got to see a bit of what happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna
Littlefinger fuckn died
• The scene between Tyrion and Cersei
• Cersei’s face when the wight ran at her
• Littlefinger’s face when Sansa said “Lord Baelish”
• Starkbowl is not only fake, but finally over
• Theon’s scenes ☺
• Stark Sisters 😊 “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”
• Jaime seeing snow/the snow falling on King’s Landing AKA
• Winter is here, bitches

You've been kidnapped but the main character of the last TV show you watched is coming to rescue you.






Who’s rescuing you?

the best one ever. holy shit. the rest of this meme is cancelled. pack it up, folks. @billennium-falcon wins.

I’m good.  Dean, Sam, and Cas.


Where the fuck was Gendry?! He better not have been at Eastwatch. Or if he was, he’d better be ok. I’m going to assume Tormund and Beric are alright as we didn’t see them die.

Hahaha, Littlefinger’s demise was sweet. Finally that fucker got his just desserts. I almost don’t even care about the silly, cheap writing trick of making characters keep up an act in private to make it a ‘surprise’ to the audience. Almost.

Aiden Gillen’s a great actor, he managed to make me feel a tiny little sliver of pity for Littlefinger when he said he truly loved Cat.

I’m not sure I buy Cersei being sensible enough to realise she can’t kill Tyrion while Dany, Drogon and company are there, but then being as stupid as usual five minutes later when she thinks she can go back on the deal.

Bran, you know you could have sent Jon a note? Hi, Jon, you’re the Targaryen heir, PS, don’t fuck your aunt.

Dany is obviously going to get pregnant. God I hope the baby doesn’t end up being nuts. I can just imagine those sadistic bastards pulling out an ending like that. Jon and Dany are married, co-ruling, and everything seems happy and peaceful… but oh no wait. Too much Targ inbreeding and their kid/s take after grandpa…

Finally, frickin’ finally, Jaime comes to his senses. Too bad you didn’t do it before you knocked her up again, you stupid potato.

Bronn. Bronn! Why didn’t he go with Jaime? If he fucking serves Cersei next season, oh my god, I will be furious. Don’t even think about it D&D, he’s not that stupid.

So glad Bronn and Tyrion had that little ‘good to see you again’ moment, even if it was brief.

lmao, loved Brienne yelling ‘fuck loyalty’ at Jaime. I would have been happy if half of the episode had just been Brienne yelling at Jaime.

And Sandor! Awww, he definitely smiled at finding out Arya’s doing well.

The scene where he threatens Gregor or whatever the hell that was was just weird and stupid. It’s like they just decided they needed to remind the audience they were brothers.

Well done Theon. Please keep that up next season.

I’m not sure whether Rhaegar disowning Elia and their kids is deliberately meant to make him a pretty big douchebag, or if it was just the show simplifying things because they think the audience will be confused by polygamy or something.

Oh my god, I cannot believe I have to wait another year to see Jon and Arya see each other again! Best Stark reunion saved for last, and it had better be worth the wait, or else I’ll be sharpening my pitchfork. Same for the Arya x Gendry reunion. It better happen, and it better be great.

2307 5e18

Reblog this and put the fandom that you first read fanfiction for in the tags.



I’m curious about where people started out!

Stargate: Atlantis.

Might have been Animorphs? Or maybe Star Trek or Harry Potter.

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Favourite friendships → Leslie Shay & Kelly Severide (Chicago Fire)




I only watched the new Dad’s Army movie because Mark Gatiss is in it and I thought it would be terrible, but it was actually surprisingly ok. A few cringe-worthy moments here and there where they tried too hard or not hard enough and the joke fell flat, but it was mostly not terrible. No match for the original of course, but it was as well cast as could be expected and they did as well as could be expected for a remake.

I liked it. It seemed like an AU fanfiction to me, and I enjoyed it - no, it’s not the same, but I actually think it had a better story than the original 1971 film, which took a lot from the early episodes.

AU fanfic is a great way to describe it. A different take on things, but with enough elements from the original to be recognizable. 

I liked that they gave the ladies something more to do. I wish Hodges had been in it more though. Hodges and Mainwaring’s rivalry is one of my favourite things about the series.

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PRIDE MONTH FICTIONAL BISEXUALS [one; two; three; four; five]

August 28 2017

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August 27 2017

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Are You Being Served (Closing Credits) - S5E1 Mrs Slocombe Expects
The most cutest thing ever!
7771 ad0b

The transition from Humphrey to new dude is probably the only cast change on Death in Paradise that hasn’t bothered me. Humphrey’s alright, but I never really warmed to him because of the awful, very non-conducive-to-liking-him way he was introduced. 

At least Humphrey got a happy ending unlike Richard, so new-dude-who’s-name-I’ve-forgotten, congrats I like you.

Oh my god I’m so mad, Topher was my favourite character. He’d already left the show and then they kill him offscreen! Damn you, The Night Shift writers!

at least I like the replacement guy. 

7793 569c


Goals: To have Mrs Slocombe’s hair game

7839 6f40




August 14 2017 - Protesters in Durham, North Carolina decide to take matters into their own hands and take down a confederate statue. 

The statue represented a soldier who fought in the Civil War and an inscription on the front read “The Confederate States of America.” 

One organizer of the protest told WNCN that toppling the statue was in response to the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. this weekend.“It needs to be removed,” organizer Loan Tran told the news station. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.” [video]

By taking these down, you’re erasing history. Germany left Holocaust camps standing, so we can learn from our mistakes. No wonder America is regressing.

Germany specifically destroyed the Nazi monuments you fucking dumbass, and they made new monuments to remember the people oppressed and murdered by the Nazis.

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Sara Martins as Camille Bordey in Death In Paradise

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