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May 23 2018

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Well, here it is then. Retribution.
Natalie Dormer in Picnic at Hanging Rock, ep. 1.

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“Thank you. Bless you.”

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May 22 2018

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jim moriarty  + head turn



sherlock hates moriarty

sherlock: spends his time obsessing over jim and actively goes out of his way to spend time on his cases and makes it clear that he enjoys it. points out their similarities and takes pride in them. consistently compliments jim and his work at every turn, regardless of who is being affected.

quotes from sherlock about jim: “delightfully interesting” // ”oh that is brilliant, that is gorgeous” // “this is beautiful – i love this” // “consulting criminal, brilliant” // “neat” // “what are you so happy about?” “moriarty” // “is that a british army browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” “both

sue vertue: “he never hated moriarty, actually. they admired each other. they have the same kind of brains”
andrew scott: “in a way, sherlock and moriarty love each other”
benedict cumberbatch:  “the two are perfectly bored by the ordinary world and crave excitement. like all polarities, they need each other"

but yES moriarty baD?????so sherlock HAte

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Oh Jim, you terrible tease.

Let’s face it, it’s all crossed your minds at some point. XD I will not be responsible for ruined trousers/pants or creating potential hoplophiles. Guns are a bitch to draw. I’m not sure what kind Jim uses in this scene but it looked very reminiscent to a Browning GPDA 9 so I referenced it off that.

(I don’t have enough patience to do panels on a regular basis so don’t expect more anytime soon. Plus, I’m not very good at them, this being a fine example).

So, either lazylee called this shit years ago or mofftiss are secret fans of their fanart…

Honey, You Should See Me In A Crown


Okay, so I got involved in a debate on another forum when I said that Moriarty and Sherlock are flirting in this scene:

Someone said that they are not flirting but verbally fencing, in a way that outwardly resembles flirting but is in fact laying down the rules of their battle to the death, which is very different. I agree that they’re defining the rules of engagement in their engagement, but I dispute that that that means they aren’t flirting.

There’s lots of lit crit talk about the symbolic connections between sex and death, love and war, and for Moriarty, at least, I think they are one and the same.

Sherlock tells Kitty Riley there are two kinds of fans:

Type A: Catch me before I kill again.
Type B: Your bedroom’s just a taxi ride away.

She asks seductively, “which one am I,” certainly intending to imply she is “Type B,” and Sherlock tells her, “Neither.” Because Kitty is not really a fan, she’s just pretending. But Sherlock does have a real fan he’s actually referring to: Moriarty, who I think is both.

When Moriarty is first mentioned, the cabbie refers to him as Sherlock’s “fan,” and he certainly seems to be the “Type A” fan in The Great Game with the five pips game, where he’s literally challenging Sherlock to stop him from killing. But the first time we see Jim on screen, he’s playing “Jim from IT,” who is clearly a “Type B fan”: “So you’re Sherlock Holmes,” here, I’m going to surreptitiously slip you my number.

It’s when he finally shows up at the pool that the separate facets of “Jim” and “Moriarty” come together.  And what does Jim Moriarty say to Sherlock?:

Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Translation: “Do you want to kill me, or do you want to fuck me? Because, honey, I’m up for either.”

And Sherlock plays along when he responds “Both.” (Or maybe, says my Sheriarty shipping heart, he really means both).

Zombie apocalypses are curiously lacking a large array of common equipment that could neatly control the situation.




“But we can’t build walls to contain them!”

Moves by truck, train or boat. Ridiculously common. And see those holes on the bottom? Mobile by forklift. Also, HEAVY, even when empty they’re in the tons. If you had some warning you could string these things end to end for miles and human bodies can’t move them. Plus they’re nice and wide so you can comfortably walk on top of them for patrols.

“But we don’t have easy ways to kill them!”

Put the shotgun down you fucking idiot.

No tires to pop. Heavy and slow but inevitable. Climbing required to enter and thus, relatively zombie proof, especially if you spend like an hour to protect the glass.

A lot of large farming equipment can destroy cars.

Want to guess what it’d do to a decaying human body? It’s not pretty.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Merely flattening them with common construction equipment or farming gear isn’t enough.

How about a

tree trimmer that can mulch a tree top to bottom in nothing flat?


“But we need ways to move a lot of people that zombies can’t stop!”

BEEP BEEP MOTHERFUCKER. Deer don’t have a chance and neither does a zombie.

“But that’s not good enough!”

NOW it’s time to call our friend the military because this ride stops for no one.

Do I need to keep going or is it clear the movies are bullshit yet? Seriously a dozen prepared people with heavy equipment licenses could clear an entire street of zombies AND powerwash it after.

Country folk can survive

Dude stack those connexes up and you got a sweet home. Lived and worked outta one for a year.

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An agate stone that looks like a window to the ocean.

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TIMELAPSE VIDEO - Latest commission I did, Anne Bonny and “Calico” Jack Rackham from Black Sails! Thank you soooo much, Rosa! You rock!

TOOLS: Paint Tool SAI | Intuos Pro Pen&Touch | PS CS6 | Around 9h Total

COMMISSION INFO!|  YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter Society6 | Ko-Fi

May 21 2018

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I think some of us are meant to be alone.




why does old english look like shitposting

wuss poppin jimþo

thats a thorn. That little half b half p looking abomination makes the “th” sound.

that says “thiccness”. That IS shitposting

who the fuck discovered time travel in 2017




I hope in the next season of Legends they won’t forget that Sara lost her father in the hiatus…

sara’s short lived grief will be used to prop up av*lance in some way, completely disregarding sara as a character

I don’t know, they certainly spent a ton of time on letting Sara process meeting her Dad’s Nazi doppelganger and Stein dying.


Eliot: I’m morosexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasess exclusively.

Quentin: *goes on a long winded rant about some random Fillorian bug*

Eliot: *already taking clothes off* you’re so fucking stupid Quentin




1900 as a whole century is so wild to me like it started off without people having sliced bread and it ended with seinfeld on TV 

We had World War One and Two

Human history is batshit crazy. It took us tens of thousands of years to go from stone and antler tools to smelting bronze but we started the 20th century with horse drawn carriages as the main method of transportation and by the end we had put men on the moon.



Deadpool 2: a pansexual lead, a mixed race lgbt couple, a plus-sized main character and a female superhero with vitiligo



the bar is low. domino was a fave and decent, beldam a black guy + shatterstar a racebent asian character who was also bisexual, both were wasted for comedy, yukio a queer asian women was mere cameos and did nothing, just to pop up to remind us in *humor* this film was diverse. firefist was alright esp to see a fat kid of color depicted. and deadpool is still the queerbaiting showboating “pansexual” but everyone aspects face value. deadpool pansexuality has always been treated as a joke, and doesn’t have relationships beyond cis women, his attraction to anything that’s not a cis women is treated as humor in the pages, and the film is more peripheral with that. what because he likes straps? dresses in heels? touches colossus butt jokingly? like how that heterosexual person acts gay for humor? he’s as pansexual as dumbledore is gay, its fake progressive bullshit to seem diverse.…..pretty much domino and fire fist were the only decent ones. lol that’s 2. and yall trying to celebrate these characters as if their treatment and depiction was decent. sheesh?

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