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May 20 2018




like whats the average lifespan of an asgardian? like yeah thor is 1500 but what if thats just like 23 in human terms 

googled “asgardian lifespan” found this,


so if thor is currently 1500 years old (said in infinity war)

  • 5100/1500 = 3.4

so thors current age times 3.4 would be the average lifespan of an asgardian

to change that to human terms the average lifespan of a human is about 80 so

  • 80/3.4 

lsdmkfgjdfjsd oh my God… 

thor really out here having the worst time of his life and hes like 23

Using this math Loki is 16

May 19 2018

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Get to know me MEME - [4/10] Favorite Pilot Episodes: TRUE DETECTIVE

“This place is like somebody’s memory of a town, and the memory is fading. It’s like there was never anything here but jungle.”
“Stop saying shit like that. It’s unprofessional.”

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#Thor’s two moods when it comes to Loki


You know what pisses me off?

That when the MCU includes a totally unnecessary, badly written, out-of-nowhere straight romance (Steve/Sharon in Civil War) people on here will bend over backwards to defend that choice because “They’re together in the comics”, even though it made absolutely no sense if you see the MCU by itself.

But the moment a canon LGBT-character’s sexuality and/or gender identity gets erased from the movies (Loki, Valkyrie), people will defend it by saying “Well not everything has to be like the comics.”

… I see you, hypocrites.


it’d be nice if one every fifty posts praising representation in DP2 were referencing the fact that they got through the effort of introducing shatterstar ie canon at least bi character who was the first dude to kiss another dude in a marvel comic on page just to kill him off five minutes later after three lines and with a well he was kind of a dick send off but I guess everyone’s too busy not checking who the hell he was :’DDD

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so, because I just read that apparently Oliver spent half the finale apologising to the new team for them betraying him or something?? idk exactly cause I didn’t watch the middle of the season because I saw an ad with the in-fighting storyline and that was enough to make me want to throw myself off a cliff without actually wasting my time watching, and because I haven’t mentioned it enough recently I feel the need to express again that

I really fucking despise the new team. 

Even more than I used to. I liked Dinah last season and I only found Curtis annoying and useless, not hateable. But from what I’ve seen/read on the wiki, I actively want them all to die now.


Yall really brought Sara back for this nonsense and yall didnt even let her say goodbye to the only family she has left

lol I hate this fucking show, I can’t even be properly happy stupid Quentin is finally dead like I’ve been hoping for since season 3, because he died in such a stupid fucking way. 

I haven’t even watched much of the season, but it was obvious this was going to happen as soon as I heard Quentin was letting Black Siren hang around him for some inexplicable reason but I still kinda hoped it wouldn’t. Even though I’ve always disliked him, he didn’t deserve such a stupid death, and such a stupid storyline beforehand. They even reused the same dumb way Laurel died, presumably on purpose to be extra awful.

Also poor Sara does not deserve this. Her father dying without her even getting to say goodbye, having to see Fake Laurel and especially the absolutely fucking ridiculous way they went for reaction shots from everyone else first. She’s the only one, apart from maybe Oliver and Rene, who had any reason to care… and yet she gets her reaction shot last?!?! And when Oliver didn’t hug her I wanted to strangle whoever’s (whomever’s?) decision that was.

I didn’t watch the whole episode, but I assume Fake Laurel is sticking around, which is the worst part of this whole pile of garbage. Quentin kills himself for some psycho villain, presumably so she can have some ridiculous redemption arc, which I probably wouldn’t have thought believable even if it had happened at the start of season 5. It’s so far beyond too late to redeem her now it’s not even funny. 

What the fuck is wrong with the writers? 


Arrow should not be allowed to touch Sara Lance with a ten foot pole. And why the fuck would they kill Quentin instead of this piece of shit Black Siren?

May 18 2018



you might like getting choked but sea turtles don’t so keep your FUCKIN plastic out of the ocean.

It was really pretty much impossible to tell where this post was going at first

May 17 2018


so let’s make a checklist of all the messed up things in the Mikaelson Family

  • incest
  • child abuse
  • oedipus complex
  • serial killing 
  • adultery 
  • murder
  • assault
  • attempted murder
  • attempted infanticide

this fucking family bruh

my absolute favourite thing about this post is that it’s leaving off the fact that they’ve committed patricide and matricide like 3 times.

oh and all the attempted fratricide

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↳ Day 2: Klaus + Aesthetically Pleasing Favorite Flashbacks 





so i saw some people discussing how loki in ragnarok shouldn’t have been at all phased or subverted by dr. strange – which i agree with, but also, hey, it’s comedic and you can argue that he was taken off-guard, but upon re-watch, something stuck out to me –

there’s this moment when they appear at the bottom of the stairs and thor rolls down the last couple and stands up and he says

we could’ve just walked.

and it made me think of how magic works in terry pratchett’s novels, how (to paraphrase) the hard part wasn’t turning someone into a frog, it was not turning someone into a frog when you knew how easy it was.

like, the whole scene with dr. strange is just. all magic. all pointless magic. unnecessary magic, when, well. they could have just walked.

whereas loki doesn’t really rely on magic overmuch in the movie – he uses it as a tool, when he needs it, but if the job can be done with plain old non-magical trickery or a knife, he just uses those. he resorts to magic when he’s cornered by valkyrie, he uses it when his goals are most directly accomplished by using magic rather than by other means.

whereas dr. strange is using magic all over his scene, just to use it. just because he can. magic was unnecessary for ninety percent of what he did in that scene, the only time he needed magic was to whisk them away to norway. but he teleported all over the place even when he only needed to move a few feet, gave thor an ever-refilling beer that just spilled everywhere, floated around to make a show of how ~magical~ he was, when…

he could have just walked.

i mean, i’m very sure that the filmmakers intended it for comedic effect, but there’s also a layer there of dr. strange being much less comfortable with magic than loki is – loki doesn’t need to bust out the magic at every opportunity, it’s simply a skill, a tool that is completely under his control and at his disposal. whereas dr. strange (at least in his scene in ragnarok) is showing off, which reeks of insecurity.

i guess i’m thinking… if you take the magic away, loki is still a deadly, formidable opponent with many tricks up his sleeve, but dr. strange is just a guy in a cape.

this is good and true because in the comics loki and dr strange got in a fight in a parking lot and then both of them had their magic taken away so loki just punched stephen through a wall and called it a gay ass day

in fairness most days for Loki are gay ass days regardless of how many wizards he punches

Loki’s had magic all his life, so it’s just a normal thing for him, it’s an option but sometimes it’s just easier not to use it. Strange learned his magic as an adult and it’s like a new toy he can’t stop playing with, plus being a show-off is already established, so he’s all “look at me, I can do magic, I’m so cool, check out my cool magical abilities!” Meanwhile Loki is thinking “OMG this is what I was like when I was six, no wonder nobody liked me.”







I’m not gonna do this as a reblog because I don’t want to be a grump on somebody else’s post, but: no, Invader Zim did not invent lolrandom humour.

Lolrandom culture - and the accompanying strange obsession with tacos and pandas and whatnot - was a thing on the Internet all through the late 1990s. Invader Zim’s first episode didn’t air until 2001.

It’s just that so few people regularly used the Internet in the late 90s that, for many, Zim was their first exposure to it.

(Which doesn’t mean that Zim wasn’t a pioneer in this respect, mind; it was one of the earliest mainstream cartoons to exploit slightly dated Internet humour.)

@siliquasquama replied:

2001? I thought it was a late 90s cartoon

You’re not alone; most of what we tend to think of as late 1990s popular culture was actually early 2000s. The era that’s stuck in our cultural consciousness as “the 90s” spans about 1998-2004.

The 90s was apparently only 6 years long.

Hey, it could be worse. The 70s never happened at all!

I think this is the first time I’ve seen you extend your “what we think of as a decade doesn’t line up with when that actual decade happened” past the “90′s” (no actually I think you’ve done it once before, but I can’t remember where), and now I’m really curious to see what your complete pop-culture timeline looks like.

In terms of how the various pre-Millennial decades are depicted in contemporary media, I find that it breaks down roughly like this:

The 50s: 1946-1968
The 60s: 1969-1977
The 80s: 1978-1993
The 90s: 1998-2004

Basically, our idea of “the 50s” nebulously encompasses everything between World War II and Woodstock, “the 60s” includes nearly all of the 1970s and virtual none of the actual 1960s, “the 80s” lasted for fifteen years, there’s an orphaned four-year span from 1994 to 1997 that doesn’t belong to any decade at all, and “the 70s” never happened.




It baffles and infuriates me that Hogwarts students don’t take Latin or Greek. Accio? Literally “I summon.” Lumos? Fucking “light.” Expelliarmus? Expel weapon!! Ooooh I wonder what Levicorpus does– you Dumb Ass Bastard. You ILLITERATE. It’s called Levicorpus, it lifts someone’s body, it LEVIES your goddamn CORPUS-

Hermione ghost wrote this

“There’s a linguist’s saying about English speakers that we go to work in Latin and come home in Anglo-Saxon. Meaning that much of our professional language (words like office, supervisor, colleague — even computer and telephone) comes from the Latin-derived French. While the language of home (house, hearth, fire) comes to us from the German-derived Anglo-Saxon. To use Latin is to ally yourself with all of these powerful connotations at once: mystery, power, and formalism. Thus, it is interesting to note that the wizarding world falls into the same patterns of speech, with many lower-level hexes and household charms in English, such as Scourgify. It’s in the higher-order spells that one sees the shift to Latin and Latinate phrases: Expecto Patronum, Cave Inimicum, Fidelius, Expelliarmus, Finite Incantatem.

Rarest of all spell languages in the British wizarding world is Greek, which makes surprisingly few appearances. In pure form, there are only two Greek-based spells mentioned in all of the seven books: Anapeo and Episkey. The interesting thing to note is that both of these are spells with medical uses, which should not be surprising: in the ancient world, Greek was the language of physicians.”



Gordon Ramsay was my German teacher and he stabbed me in the neck because my beef wellington wasn’t cooked properly.


May 16 2018


Listen there was no straight reason for some of the scenes that Barry and Ralph had ok. I’m not even starting shit, I’m a westallen shipper till the end, just man y’all know it’s true. Some of those scenes were unnecessarily,,,,,gay

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