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the reason there are few/no male domestic violence shelters is because males haven’t made themselves any. 

do you guys seriously think women’s shelters were just HANDED to women, and that we didn’t have to fight for decades for them amongst massive pushback? do you think there wasn’t huge controversy surrounding the first womens’ shelters? do you think there weren’t violent protesters? do you think founders weren’t harassed with rape and death threats? we had to work for ours, you can work for yours.

if you want domestic violence shelters for men/transwomen, MAKE YOUR OWN. i’ll support you in that. most feminists will support you in that. but don’t make us do the work for you. we did all our own work ourselves, so can you. don’t rely on women to solve your problems.

Here in the US there were, and are now, shelters in most cities and towns, for men only. Go back in history and you will see it was a crime to shelter a woman who escaped from an abusive husband or father. We had to get the laws changed so women were not forced to return to their abuser and then we built shelters.

PSA: Battered women’s shelters (as we called them back then) were sometimes kept secret from the police because cops would try to take the woman “home” or inform the abuser where he could find her. Shelters defied the law. They were acts of  civil disobedience. rebellion, grassroots direct action to save women’s lives.

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