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could you even imagine the first time males mansplained creation to women… “actually, we are NOT here because of an endless chain of mothers like you giving birth going back eons in time. uhhhhh no … not at all. it really started when my bro this all powerful dude who lives in the sky made the first man and then a dumb woman who was TOTALLY inferior to him. yeah it’s surprising but legit. the wind told me when i was jerking off down by the river. i can’t prove any of this but if you don’t believe me i’ll kill you”

This post is cool because, according to my biology textbook, until very late in the development of science, men actually thought babies didn’t even share their mother’s bloodline, only their father’s. I mean, how much do you have to twist your percepction to come up with this

What the fuck, it’s in the mom’s tummy

They basically thought that the sperm contained a full human being and the womb was just the place where it grew.

Men have always overestimated their own importance.

“Men have always overestimated their own importance.”!!!!!!!!

for real guys look up the concept of women as ‘empty vessels’…john locke believed it, & art historians for a long time believed that women were incapable of creativity (usually founded on being empty vessels)

i remember reading a victorian novel that mentioned that women inherently lack the masculine power of creation/creativity and you just put that into an entirely new and weighty context

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