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Chechnya: Reports of high domestic violence, “honor killings” of lesbians




Like this is a serious issue and I don’t want to undermine it by any means but I keep seeing this presented as an “LGBT” issue with 0 information about bi or trans people………. either they’re not being targeted and you need to stop using bullshit umbrella terms or you need to acknowledge that these people ARE being targeted and give 👏 us 👏 more 👏 info.

This is about LESBIANs.

Yes GAY MEN are Prisoned & MURDERED there as well.

However ONLY lesbians ARE MURDERED in the name of HONOR while doing so.

ok but you KNOW that any woman with a female partner will be targeted. “are bisexuals affected???” yes. we know the answer. whenever people are being targeted for same-sex attraction, no one is going around asking “are you hypothetically sexually available to men?” before they attack women for being involved with other women. i know no one actually believes bi women are allowed to exist in happy, socially accepted relationships with each other just because they are capable of being attracted to men. studies often use “same sex attracted” and “gay” synonymously, and i hate seeing the LG community use that erasure to try to pretend bisexuals aren’t affected.

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