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Is Trump aware that “We Are The Champions”, the song he walked out on stage to at the Republican National Convention, was written and performed by a queer, non-christian, middle eastern man who died of AIDS? Basically everything his campaign is against?

Maybe don’t call a gay man who died of aids “queer”

did you just fucking call Freddie Mercury queer???? what the hell is your problem?? 

do you think queer was a cute self-identifier gay men used in the 70′s??? do you think Freddie had the privilege to call himself that in a safe liberal environment when he’s been a icon for gay people and the victim of a horrible thing attributed to homosexuality being a sin? Educate yourself and get out of this bubble because you just disrespected someone’s memory due to your own ignorance

he wasn’t middle eastern either lol he was gujarati

This site is insane lmfao

I don’t get my generation calling gay men from a different time “q***r”. I really don’t. Also how do you not know Freddie’s background?! Also what the hell does “non-Christian” mean? LOL

he was zoroastrian and pretty explicit about it, this entire post is a trainwreck

freddie mercury was bisexual. this post can’t be salvaged.

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