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July 24 2017






As far as I’m concerned, the single most radical change from journal fandom is the idea that fandom is primarily a space for kids.

*shakes cane* in MY day, teen fans pretended to be adults while we walked uphill both ways!

#tumblr: i GUESS we’ll tolerate these gross old women LIKE OVER 25 UGH as long as they understand that fandom isn’t /for/ them



This is entirely too accurate.

I mean, it’s also interesting and important to consider context. I think folks are less likely to lie about their age on the internet now because when us twentysomethings were kids the internet was a ~~SCARY DANGER MURDER PLACE~~ and now it isn’t, so kids are allowed to be kids without being worried about the sort of predators that were featured on TV and in movies back when.







I can’t believe that people on this phucking awful site are trying to get Auli'i Cravalho, the 16 year old actress who voiced Moana, blacklisted

Just because she didn’t let a grown man call her Moana instead of her actual name. This truly is tumblr.hell

Interviewer/fans: Doesn’t bother to learn how to pronounce Auli’i Cravalho’s name beforehand and calls her Moana; aka not her fucking name

Auli’i: Is rightfully pissed off that people straight up can’t even be bothered to use her name

Tumblr people: “Wtf Auli’i is such a dick what sort of movie star doesn’t let her fans be blatantly racist to her bc they’re unwilling to learn how to pronounce an ethnic name :////”

Also didn’t she try to correct them politely like five times first?? Y'all had a chance to learn to pronounce her name???

wait. Is this actually the reason Tumblr has put her as “problematic”. When I saw her on the list I actually searched google for about 2 hrs trying to find why and couldn’t find anything.

Yeah this is the actual and sole reason she’s been put on whatever nonsense list someone came up with.




is there anyone else who can totally not watch panels where fans asks questions because the possibility of someone asking a stupid question makes you extremely uncomfortable not only for yourself but for the person who’s answering

Can’t listen to phone ins on the radio either, they make me uncomfortable

oh god, and con photos too where fans have them pick them up, kiss them, etc just … *criiiiiinge*

Oh my god yes, it’s the worst. I can only watch clips of a panel if I’ve already seen it giffed. It’s the most uncomfortable thing when some jerk asks an actor if they support a same-sex pairing and puts them in the difficult position of having to decide whether to say they don’t interpret it that way and probably get called homophobic, or say they support it and then get accused of queerbaiting when it doesn’t become canon. 

Or if it’s an obscure ship and you can tell the poor actor doesn’t even know what they’re talking about.

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I want to die this is too much

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Beautiful. (via VBagate)


Important question: if Harry spent most of fifth year dreaming about that locked door in the department of mysteries, did Voldemort spend that year dreaming about things like kissing cho chang or falling off brooms in quidditch matches? Did Voldemort also dream about Cho screaming in Harry’s face, “Cedric gave me loads of Chocolate Frog cards!” did Voldemort wake up going, “Why the fuck does this girl want chocolate frog cards when all I want to do is kiss her” and then being like “wait what the fuck i dont want to kiss this girl what a werid dream”


if discovery doesn’t continue the star trek tradition of having one episode so bizarre as to be laughably bad, it’s cancelled




sean spicer, a total asshole, wanted a minifridge so he wouldn’t have to drag his re-animated corpse to the cafeteria and be seen by all the people that openly mock & despise him on a daily basis, so he sent one of his assistants to go take a minifridge from an office of junior staff at the white house

and those staffers told Spicer’s messenger to go fuck himself, that’s their fridge and they actually need it because they don’t get meals at the cafeteria like spicer does

so, instead of being a reasonable human being and ordering a new one off Amazon, that asshole personally himself went to the officer at night after everyone left and stole the fridge, carrying it back to his office in the white house with his own hands

like that’s the perfect story to totally encapsulate what a complete and total joke not only this current administration is, but that the very bedrock institutions of American democracy are

it’s literally a fucking joke, they couldn’t write something as ludicrous as this on fucking Veep

I legitimately thought this was some ridiculous-but-aptly-metaphorical parody from the Onion that people on the internet hadn’t bothered to fact-check, but no. Dozens of mainstream news outlets have covered this. The fucking WSJ is the one that apparently first covered it.

Sean Spicer is a very rich man. How rich nobody knows exactly, but for starters he pulls down nearly 200k a year just from his WH position. He also happens to own SEVERAL million dollars worth of real-estate, much of which he rents out. Motherfucker could have just bought a minifridge. Shit, he could have given one of his staffers a few hundred bucks to buy one from a goddamned store and install it.

But no. He decided to try and bully a bunch of junior staffers into giving him theirs, which they needed quite a bit more than he did, and when that failed, he straight up fucking stole it from them. At night. And personally carried it back to his office. Asshole STAYED LATE AT WORK and PHYSICALLY EXERTED HIMSELF just to be petty and vindictive. He actively WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to be a shitty person.

And like, I don’t want to over-generalize here, but this seems perfectly emblematic of the current mindset of the GOP; both the actual elected officials and the dipshits who voted them into power. These are people who are perfectly willing to hurt themselves to get something they don’t even need just because it will annoy or harm people they don’t like. These narcisistic shitfucks would literally drop a cinderblock on their own shriveled dicks if they thought it might mildly inconvenience a liberal.

I think it’s pertinent to add that he describes himself as a devout catholic.

Normally I wouldn’t touch that but honestly I’m so fucking sick of religious hypocrisy especially in the context of politics









“How can we take down this flag and erase the honor of those proud Americans-”

Confederates weren’t Americans. They were actual, honest-to-god Not Americans; that was the whole fucking point of the Civil War. They were a bunch of people who collectively said “fuck America” and then spent years desperately fighting in order to not be Americans anymore. Flying the Confederate flag doesn’t honor Americans, it honors Confederates, and they don’t exist anymore because they lost the war, so there is no goddamn point to this flag ever at all. Right-wing folks really love to talk about “anti-American sentiments” and “treason” until it comes to the (white) people who actually did commit treason and were anti-American in every sense of the word. 


and it was all because they wanted to keep slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaves

Also, they didn’t fly those damned flags in the years following the Civil War, they only flew them again after the Civil Rights Act was passed.  They were literally flown to protest the abolishment of Jim Crow. 

There are two appropriate places for Confederate flags:

a) inside of museum displays, with accurate historical context, so that future generations don’t make the same damn mistakes

b) the trash can

I thought about the appropriateness of using them in Civil War Reenactments, but that particular flag wasn’t universally flown on the battlefield, and if you’re going to reenact historical battles as a hobby you should at least get the details right.  So even that’s a maybe.

It is literally my PAID JOB to teach people this. I want to scream this from the rooftops. Bless this post forever and ever, amen.

Treason is what that flag represents, at its very most generous interpretation. Racism and slavery are its heart.

An American patriot wouldn’t be caught dead with it.

Southerners literally call it “the rebel flag” who they trying to fool

i feel like it belongs in the same place Nazi flags do, and seeing a confederate flag in public triggers the same reaction as seeing Nazi paraphernalia in public.

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Disney Princesses and fashion of the year they were released

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I’m so glad they finally made this joke!

July 20 2017

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Woman? Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.

lol, Tywin’s 100% right about Cersei though. She is nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.

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But you didn’t slaughter every one of the Starks. No, no, that was your mistake. You should have ripped them all out, root and stem.

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Brienne impressed by fierce little girls from the North


on the one hand it sucks when fantasy worlds have homophobia

on the other hand it’s annoying when fantasy worlds supposedly don’t have homophobia because straight writers are 100% incapable of imagining such a world so you just end up with homophobia that you’re not supposed to acknowledge

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Yes, cheer. Brave men, all of you. Butchered a woman, pregnant with her baby, cut the throat of a mother of five, slaughtered your guests after inviting them in to your home. But you didn’t slaughter every one of the Starks. No, no, that was your mistake.

My precious little murder angel. I love her so much.

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Framerate synced with a bird’s wings

July 19 2017


I was watching Captain America: Winter Soldier and I had a wondering, do you think there were Hydra agents working as like, janitors, and the SHIELD janitors also had to fight their old friends. like Captain America’s blowin up airships in the sky and meanwhile Randy and Jeff are goin at it with mops

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